Law enforcement is an ever changing field where training and performance go hand-in-hand. TargetSolutions, the leader in training and operations management for public safety agencies, provides law enforcement with dynamic online courses featuring engaging, video-driven lessons on hot-topic issues.

With TargetSolutions, you can deliver, track and report all types of training and compliance tasks. Whether you’re learning on your own time, performing hands-on training exercises, or tracking attendance of roll call meetings, TargetSolutions offers cutting-edge technology to streamline the process.

Advanced records management applications enable agencies to monitor member’s training and ensure certifications are up-to-date. You’ll be able to manage and track weapons qualifications, POST training requirements, policy reviews, patrol vehicle and equipment inspections, use of force training, FTO program tracking and active shooter training.

With TargetSolutions, you will improve your crew’s performance and reduce liability.

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