November is Child Safety and Protection month. While the safety of all students is a priority for educators, special education students can present additional safety concerns due to cognitive, physical or emotional disabilities. With these unique considerations, educators must be proactive in minimizing risk in and outside of the classroom.

TargetSolutions’ new course, School Safety for Students with Disabilities, outlines different safety concerns for students with disabilities. Using engaging, video-based lessons, this course will help educators create a safe learning environment and reinforce safety measures.

Course Outline: School Safety for Students with Disabilities

The special education classroom has additional concerns for safety that need to be addressed proactively. School Safety for Students with Disabilities explains factors that can complicate how staff members provide a safe, positive classroom experience. These factors can include the use of a walker or wheelchair, assistance with bathroom necessities or the potential for aggressive behaviors due to emotional or cognitive disabilities, or the inability to communicate.

Using a live instructor and case studies, this course covers how to create a safe learning environment. Doing so includes creating a physically and mentally structured class, appropriately reacting to different forms of challenging behaviors and regularly, and safely, moving physically impaired students.

Special Education Safety Learning Objectives

After taking this course, educators will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Explain why an orderly classroom environment is crucial for minimizing risks
  • Identify potentially hazardous situations and prevent them
  • Describe methods for structuring a classroom to reduce risk
  • Identify physically-acting-out behaviors that can threaten safety and de-escalation strategies
  • Outline de-escalation strategies and tips for dealing with challenging behaviors
  • Implement safety techniques for transporting students with mobility challenges

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