School districts manage an innumerable amount of responsibilities daily. School professionals oversee tasks ranging from the safety of students, to the effectiveness of teachers and staff, to the appropriate implementation of national and local policies.

To help schools prepare employees to fulfill these responsibilities, TargetSolutions’ online training library includes more than 100 courses for school professionals.

These training courses cover hot-topic issues for school districts. Comprehensive lessons highlight subjects such as campus security, driver safety, human resources, special education and more. By assigning TargetSolutions courses to staff, schools can ensure preparedness and reduce their exposure to risk.  

Ensure Compliance with School Standards

As part of an educational institution, school districts must understand the importance of continuing education for its own teachers and staff. In addition to basic training, such as classroom behavior or playground safety, TargetSolutions offers lessons written according to national and California-specific requirements.

Using this training, school districts can make sure employees understand and can comply with federal and local procedures. Mandates covered in this catalog include mandated reporting for California, Title IX and LGBT student implications.

Improve Your Safety Management Program

Courses in the school training series simplify the development of a total safety management program. Pairing TargetSolutions’ courses with your school’s policies reinforces efforts to protect students and employees through knowledge sharing and training.

Safety topics address everything from first aid, to fall prevention, to school violence or school shooting awareness, to de-escalation strategies. Additionally, specialized driver safety courses highlight school bus safety concerns and special education transportation.

Special Education Considerations and Training

When working with students with special needs, there are unique factors staff must consider to provide a positive learning environment. Due to these considerations, TargetSolutions’ online course library for school districts features a Special Education and Inclusion series.

With this series, special education staff can better understand the requirements of Individualized Education Programs (IEP), the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Additionally, educators can refresh themselves on behavior management strategies, inclusion and school safety.

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