Special Education TrainingFor students with disabilities, the public school classroom environment may present certain challenges that need additional consideration. It’s important that a student with a disability receives an education in line with that particular student’s needs, in the least restrictive environment (LRE) possible.

To help teachers, caretakers and other school staff facilitate a positive learning environment for students with special needs, TargetSolutions created 5, all-new courses specializing in this topic.

Overview of Courses

These new courses are video-driven and highlight important, up-to-date information to comply with California education standards.  Upon completing these courses, educators and school staff will have a better understanding of how to manage student behavior, provide an inclusive classroom environment and how to cope with stress as a paraeducator.

Here’s a look at the new TargetSolutions courses available now:

Coping with Stress as a Paraeducator provides paraeducators various strategies and techniques for managing the day to day stresses they experience in the workplace, help build their emotional resilience and coping skills, and promote greater longevity in their jobs.

IEP Collaborative Techniques focuses on collaboration techniques for members of an Individual Education Program (IEP) planning team making decisions about the education and placement of students with disabilities in the public schools.

Student Discipline and the Law highlights various positive behavior intervention strategies (PBIS) and covers how to set universal expectations for behavior to ensure students understand what is expected of them in and out of the classroom.

Understanding Inclusion for Special Needs Students reviews inclusion, the laws behind inclusion, the types of disabilities, and the general education teacher’s role in the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process.

Understanding Behaviors of Students with Special Needs focuses on understanding and effectively managing students with special needs with behavior problems in general education classrooms, including those with disabilities.


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