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The Ultimate Workforce Management Solution for Law Enforcement

Managing your law enforcement schedule and workforce management tasks has never been easier with TargetSolutions Scheduling™. Accessible as a powerful mobile application or web-based solution, you can manage all aspects of employee staffing in one, centralized system. Streamline scheduling, overtime hiring, callbacks, time-off requests and more with fully customizable features.

To further simplify workforce management for police officers, TargetSolutions Scheduling™ includes intelligent, rules-based settings that automate processes such as performing callbacks, determining schedule rotations and processing vacation requests. Automation reduces human error and eliminates grievances by basing decisions on your agency’s custom qualifiers.

Streamline all your employee resource management tasks with the leading workforce management software built for the unpredictability of the law enforcement industry.

With TargetSolutions Scheduling™, Your Agency Can Do the Following:

  • Schedule and adjust employees’ shifts in real-time
  • Streamline overtime and emergency callbacks
  • Oversee live roster information across jurisdictions
  • Automate shift trades, time-off requests and more

TargetSolutions Scheduling™ is a dynamic system where the possibilities for customization are endless. This innovative technology can be built around your law enforcement agency’s needs to ensure all shifts are appropriately staffed, time-off requests or callbacks are processed quickly, and personnel’s hours are accounted for.

Any law enforcement schedule adjustment is updated in the TargetSolutions Scheduling™ system in real-time and as a cloud-based system, information is accessible 24/7. View live roster details via an interactive map or oversee callbacks and watch as open positions are filled.

Then, when the time comes to export payroll reports or track employees’ hours, the TargetSolutions Scheduling™ system provides a comprehensive reporting functionality. Visual reports offer law enforcement agencies an at-a-glance view of important staffing information. Complete the form and we will be in touch soon with more details!

One of the greatest things about [TargetSolutions Scheduling™ by] CrewSense is it’s ever-changing. It’s always evolving and becoming better. Every month they fix something. They come out with a new module or aspect of the program that really works for us and it’s changing a lot of how we fill shifts and it’s really helpful.”

Craig McVey, Engineer and Staffing Administrator
Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District, CA

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