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TargetSolutions Check It™ Saves Time and Money Managing Inventory

Oversee Your Department’s Inventory

The TargetSolutions Check It™ application takes the guesswork and tedious processes out of inventory management. Flexible features for inventory management allow you to:

Quickly assess inventory levels of drugs, medical supplies and more
Customize grouping and “shelves” of inventory
Track costs, vendors, expiration dates and other related information

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Improve Communication & Reduce Redundancies in Inventory Restocks

With TargetSolutions Check It™, you can seamlessly monitor inventory items and never run out of stock of crucial supplies. This comprehensive solution centralizes inventory information and streamlines communication regarding inventory levels, expiration dates and more. Discover these inventory functionalities below:

Enter restock information such as vendors, costs and quantity
Set minimum stock levels to prevent running out of items
Receive alerts for inventory restocks or expirations
Communicate when items are restocked to reduce redundancies

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