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Inspect and Manage Your Agency’s Equipment with TargetSolutions Check It™


A Total Solution for Routine Equipment Inspections

No matter where a piece of equipment is located or how frequently it’s utilized, your personnel can perform inspections anytime, anywhere with the TargetSolutions Check It™ fire and EMS equipment inspection feature. This powerful application offers the following capabilities:

Access checklists via the mobile application or any web-enabled device
Customize checklists to your department’s equipment
Complete a routine check anytime, anywhere
Easily communicate any issues with equipment via comments, emails and push notifications

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Instantly Check Equipment with QR Code Scanning

The built-in QR code scanner in the TargetSolutions Check It™ mobile app makes fire department inspections even easier. Instantly pull up your checklists for relevant equipment with a quick scan of the equipment’s QR code. By leveraging this modern technology, personnel can save time and effort when performing their regular checks.

Track Equipment Expiration Dates & Reminders

With TargetSolutions Check It™, your agency can track the shelf-life of individual pieces of equipment. Using the mobile inspection app, you can:

Track shelf lives of individual equipment (e.g. SCBA frames, bottles & masks)
Document service vendor information to track frequency of external checks
Upload invoices to verify equipment is up-to-date and in compliance


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