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Daily Inspections Have Never Been Easier with TargetSolutions Check It™

Simplify Routine Apparatus Inspections

With TargetSolutions Check It™, your department’s members have an all-in-one system for performing and tracking apparatus inspections at their fingertips. Accessible via a mobile application or any web-enabled device, apparatus checks can be completed in just a few clicks. TargetSolutions Check It™ makes it simple to:

Perform and manage daily apparatus inspections
Track when inspections are done and by whom
Share and customize checklists with other agencies

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Centralize Communication

Keep every member of your department in the know with centralized communication in the TargetSolutions Check It™ application. Individuals can easily leave comments on check steps as they perform inspections and automatically notify administrators when an apparatus fails a check and requires repair.

Process Service Tickets

A comprehensive service ticket solution allows personnel to open service tickets when an apparatus requires maintenance and track its status as it undergoes repair. The built-in, intuitive workflow makes it easy for department members to track a truck’s repair status and details such as costs, services and whether or not it’s out of service.

Generate Reports

Digital, visually-driven reports in TargetSolutions Check It™ provide a detailed overview of your agency’s daily checks. Using customizable filters, you can track and measure processes such as how often checks are completed, who is performing checks and when an apparatus is taken out of service. Reports are also exportable for external reporting purposes.

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