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Vector EHS Management:
Risk Reduction & Safety Compliance

Vector EHS Management is a comprehensive safety tracking solution. Available as a web-based system and mobile application, agencies can streamline safety management from incident reporting, to corrective actions, to producing OSHA forms. With Vector EHS Management, recording incident data, including vital exposure tracking of COVID-19, and improving safety compliance is simple and effective.

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Streamline the Incident Reporting Process
Record incident details at the scene for accurate and timely investigations with Vector EHS Management.

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Manage Claims and Prevent Hazards

Simplify the claims process, minimize costs associated with worker’s compensation, and identify risks.

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Exposure Tracking for COVID-19

Document and track employee exposures to the coronavirus, monitor employees’ condition an analyze overall risk.

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Report Incidents from Your Mobile Device

The Vector EHS Management mobile application makes incident reporting intuitive and simple. By recording an incident closer to the event, employees can fill out reports with more accurate details and even upload photos to create a clear picture of what occurred.

Automatically Populate OSHA Forms

With Vector EHS Management, you can automatically translate your agency’s incident report to produce OSHA forms 300, 300A and 301. Using this solution, you can save time and effort transferring data and easily export OSHA logs.

Turn Incidents into Corrective Actions

Vector EHS Management does more than simplify incident reporting and hazard tracking. With this solution, you can assign corrective actions, such as refresher training, or identify incident trends to make effective changes.