Technology with a Purpose

Platform Solutions for Law Enforcement

Mitigating risk is critical to law enforcement agencies. That’s why TargetSolutions simplifies the process for reporting mandatory training and compliance tasks with our online compliance training. The platform features ready-to-go tracking tools that streamline how law enforcement agencies schedule, deliver, track and report critical operational activities.

Weapons Qualifications

When using weapons in the field, whether it be firearms, tasers or others, proper and effective use can be the difference between life and death. With TargetSolutions, you can accurately track training information – including areas of focus, time and location, hours performed of hands-on exercises and more.

POST Training

TargetSolutions developed pre-built, yet fully customizable, activities for tracking crucial skills for annual, POST-required training. Easily create and document all completed activities related to your state’s requirements for POST, such as Arrest Control & Defensive Tactics, Communication and EVOC.

Law Enforcement Policy Reviews

Whether it’s signing off on mandatory station memos, uniform compliance, vehicle or firearm inspections, sexual harassment policies, or anything else – it needs to be delivered and tracked. With TargetSolutions, your department can distribute any policy and ensure accountability with manually entered duration times and e-signatures.

Patrol Vehicle & Equipment Inspections

Mandatory daily sweeps are good practice to preserve the functionality of police patrol units and verify vehicles and tools are up-to-code. TargetSolutions’ comprehensive tracking functionalities allows agencies to confirm these routine vehicle and equipment inspections are being performed and documented.

Driver Training

Defensive driver training and other related topics are crucial for law enforcement as safety during high-speed chases is a top priority. TargetSolutions provides a pre-built assignment for documenting all driver training information – from attendance, comprehension of material and whether the student completed the lesson successfully.

Use of Force Training

For many law enforcement officers, the use of force is a real possibility that carries high risk and liability. TargetSolutions makes it simple to track key use of force training with electronic forms to document attendance, what has been trained and what areas need improvement for successful outcomes.

FTO Program Tracking

Preparing to work in law enforcement requires a heavy amount of training and with TargetSolutions, Field Training Officers can electronically track the employee’s progress. The comprehensive, online form outlines all the areas of concern for FTOs and consolidates important training information.

Active Shooter Training

With the growing frequency of active shooter events, training can be the decisive factor in a fast, effective response. Maximize your live training exercises by delivering TargetSolutions’ pre-built training activities or your department’s own training content as homework to to brief personnel on upcoming drills.

Specialized Group Training

Tracking training activities for less frequent, specialized topics such as K-9, SWAT, marine, armors and traffic can be challenging. TargetSolutions’ flexible functionalities allow you to utilize activities for documenting these training events and delivering any related information to personnel.

Pre-Shift Training & Communication

TargetSolutions’ recordkeeping system enables you to effectively track attendance and topics covered during daily roll-call training. TargetSolutions’ pre-built forms are customizable to meet every agency’s needs to deliver the correct information verify understanding through e-signatures.

Public Safety Training Courses & Management System

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