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The TargetSolutions platform delivers more than online continuing education courses. With powerful applications that simplify compliance and operations management, you have the ultimate system for scheduling, delivering, tracking and reporting mandatory fire department tasks.

Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting

Deliver and track ARFF training hours with TargetSolutions’ pre-built training package including the FAA’s Aircrafter Fire Fighting and Rescue Training DVD and additional online ARFF courses. With TargetSolutions, you can trust all training is documented and your certification is stored and viewable electronically.

Career Management

Keep your employees ahead of license renewals and expiration dates with TargetSolutions’ easy-to-use tools for certification and qualifications management. Track and report important credentials and remind your crew of upcoming deadlines with automated platform notifications and emails.

Daily Activities

TargetSolutions offers departments like yours a ready-made solution for efficiently tracking different types of ongoing drill-yard activities – ones that every department regularly completes but may not regularly log. Ensure all training, no matter how minimal, is being tracked and recorded.

Driver’s Licenses

Whether it’s a driver’s license, an instructor’s license, an EMT’s license, or any other type of license people in your organization need to maintain, it can be tracked with TargetSolutions’ powerful records management system. Stay ahead of renewal or expiration dates with email alerts and notifications.

EMS & Fire Recertification
Track Mandatory Continuing Education

You are responsible for ensuring your emergency responders and firefighters are legally qualified to perform their jobs. TargetSolutions offers more than 250 hours of fire and EMS continuing education training and recordkeeping tools so your firefighters, EMTS and paramedics can easily manage their recertifications and your department can maintain compliance.

Improve Your ISO Training Reports

TargetSolutions’ ISO Training Tracker application delivers and tracks all required training related to ISO compliance such as driver training, officer training, hazmat training and more. With TargetSolutions, your next department review by the Insurance Services Office will be a painless process.

JAC Code Reimbursements
Report Monthly Training Records

Track completions of all training for the California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CFFJAC) program with TargetSolutions’ online training and records management system. Using TargetSolutions, you can automatically track JAC codes for completed assignments and easily report monthly training records to CFFJAC to receive credit.

National Incident Command System ICS Training

TargetSolutions has a ready-made solution for important training requirements like NIMS-ICS. Easily deliver, track and report NIMS training, including 10 different courses from FEMA, with TargetSolutions’ pre-built credential and flexible tools.

Policies & SOG Compliance
Distribute Policies & Verify Compliance

Whether it’s a new policy, an SOG, or anything related to compliance, TargetSolutions helps you make sure all personnel have received, comprehend and agree to important documents. Ensure everyone in your department has reviewed critical communication with e-signatures and then track completions.

Post-Incident Analysis

Like all professions, emergency responders gain knowledge through experience. Use TargetSolutions to create post-incident activity forms that require responders to report important details about recent emergencies to learn from previous encounters.

Pre-Planning Reports
Create Pre-Planning Reports

Creating pre-planning reports for your department not only helps ensure inspections of local facilities have taken place, but also allows you to prepare crew members for hands-on exercises with pre-training activities. TargetSolutions makes it simple to create, deliver and track all pre-planning forms.

Probationary Evals
Probationary Evals Solution

From new-hire documentation to monthly skill testing, TargetSolutions allows you to create a set of customized resources to deliver to your department’s apprentice firefighters. Track daily performance evaluations to rate the apprentice’s developing proficiencies.

RMS Integration
RMS Integration with Third-Party Software

The TargetSolutions platform has been built to receive data from other systems as well as export data to third-party software providers through its API Solution for programmers. If you’re looking for an online training system that is compatible with other service providers, look no further.

Sexual Harassment Training
Sexual Harassment Prevention & Risk Management

Prevent costly incidents such as sexual harassment with TargetSolutions’ courses. Combine Sexual Harassment Awareness and Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors training with your own Sexual Harassment Policy to ensure everyone understands the ramifications.

Skill Sheets & Task Books
Skill Sheets & Task Books Solutions

With TargetSolutions’ Skill Sheets & Task Books Solution, your first responders will always be at the top of their game – you can make sure of it. Test members’ competencies with job-specific assignments, track important data and easily run comprehensive reports.

Urban Search & Rescue
Manage Mandatory Training Tasks

Easily create assignments for all types of urban search-and-rescue procedures — including Rope Rescue, Structural Collapse, Trench and Excavation, and more. With TargetSolutions, you can log training location, instructor, hours, etc. to report on employees’ USAR compliance.

Wildland Training
Deliver Dynamic Training Packages

Every wildfire season firefighters across the country are reminded of the importance of training when
they’re put to the test. TargetSolutions delivers a comprehensive RT-130 training series to annually
refresh firefighters on safety fundamentals, fire behavior and strategies before hands-on exercises.

Platform Solutions for Fire Departments

TargetSolutions features ready-made electronic recordkeeping tools called Platform Solutions. Schedule a one-on-one demo to learn more.

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