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The Total Solution for Training Management

TargetSolutions is more than your average learning management system (LMS). This cutting-edge platform enables you to assign, deliver, track and report all types of training and compliance tasks – both online and custom-made. With TargetSolutions, you have access to a comprehensive suite of tools for streamlining policy distribution and resource sharing.


Take your agency’s performance to the next level with TargetSolutions’ powerful learning management system.

Assign & Customize Training

Schedule and deliver accredited online courses or customized training activities with a few clicks.

Track & Report Progress

Monitor training progress with detailed reports and oversee every member in your agency.

Centralize Resources

Go paperless by storing files in a password-protected File Center to maintain records.

Coordinate Events

Manage events and off-site training, track attendees and distribute pre- or post-event material.

Streamline Communication

Make announcements and facilitate discussions with the Bulletin Board and online forum.

Share & Collaborate

Share resources with other organizations and collaborate and exchange ideas with neighboring agencies.

course delivery system

Assignment Scheduler
Easily Deliver Training

Members can schedule online training courses, videos, customized content, and more with TargetSolutions’ powerful Learning Management System.

Don’t Let Deadlines Slip

Set up e-mail alerts specific for each employee to inform site administrators (and employees) when expirations and deadlines approach. The platform features a prominently displayed notification system warning users when assignments need attention.

online platform notifications

online training custom content delivery

Custom Content
Make Training Come to Life

Administrators have the ability to create, assign and manage the delivery of web-based content.

  • Administrators can deliver policies, SOPs and all other communications
  • Ensure accountability by requiring employees to use an e-signature to verify receiving activities
  • Administrators are able to track completions and run reports with complete data

Detailed Spreadsheets in Just a Few Clicks

Administrators can run reports on completed assignments, incomplete assignments, users, credentials, certificates, etc.

  • Save reports, recreate popular reports and specify output columns
  • Keeps Administrators informed on their organization’s progress toward completing courses and activities
  • Easily monitor assignment data that automatically filters onto the dashboard

online training reports

online training file center

File Center
Manage Organizational Resources

Organizations can store organizational resources, including policies, new-hire documentation and any other type of file they want in a password-protected and centralized online location.

Community Resources
Share Valuable Training with Other Agencies

Exclusive access to training videos, policies, best practices feature articles from industry experts, inspection forms and much more from other organizations across the country. Shared resources can be downloaded and delivered with ease.

online platform community resources

fire department tracking

Events Manager
Keep All Your Events Organized

Site administrators can create, schedule and track organizational events (including instructor-led training events, live meetings, etc.). This tool gives site administrators the ability to track user registration for events and set e-mail notification alerts.

Bulletin Board
Centralize Messages in One Location

Administrators can post organizational announcements for their entire organization to view on the homepage of the platform.

online training bulletin board

online training platform forum

Facilitate Your Organization’s Communication

The platform features a web-based discussion board that provides a centralized online location where an organization’s administrators and users can discuss issues and trade ideas.

Organization & User Profiles
Manage Your Organization’s Platform Access

Site administrators can easily manage and update their employees’ levels of access to the platform.

manage organization and user profiles

upload your own courses

Deliver Your Own Training Content

TargetSolutions supports SCORM compliant courses from all sources.

  • Create your own content and upload it through TargetSolutions’ SCORM-compatible system
  • Create any type of custom activity, test, video or credential and deliver it with TargetSolutions

Public Safety Training Courses & Management System

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