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  1. Why De-Escalation Training Is a Win-Win – White Paper Download

    A WHITE PAPER FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT LEADERS With police agencies’ use-of-force policies increasingly in the spotlight, de-escalation training can offer opportunities to better protect the…

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  2. TargetSolutions Unveils New Application for Managing Law Enforcement FTO Program

    SAN DIEGO, CA – TargetSolutions, a Vector Solutions’ brand focused on eLearning and operations management innovations for public safety agencies, is releasing a comprehensive solution…

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  3. San Antonio Fire Department Leverages Online Platform to Streamline Training Management

    When the San Antonio Fire Department (TX) made the decision to move its old learning management system to something better, more modern, their selection of…

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  4. 2020 VCOS Training Officer Recognition Award

    Karl Neubecker of Ellington Fire Department Selected as 2020 Training Officer Recognition Award Winner

    Deputy Chief of Training Made Mark with Innovation During COVID Pandemic and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Training Program SAN DIEGO – TargetSolutions, a Vector…

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  5. Fire Engineering – Controlled Substances White Paper Download LP

    Have a question about online training? Contact Us Today at (800) 840-8046. Tracking Controlled Substances with Confidence Ensuring compliance to the DEA and other regulatory…

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  6. Pandemic Firefighter Training

    TargetSolutions Partners with NVFC to Provide Members Access to Online Training

    SAN DIEGO – TargetSolutions, a Vector Solutions brand providing public safety’s leading online training and operations management system, partnered with the National Volunteer Fire Council…

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  7. Law Enforcement Field Training Solution

  8. IACP eNewsletter – Watch Demo

    A Complete Solution for Law Enforcement Training, Compliance, Operations and Workforce Management Please complete the form to learn more about TargetSolutions’ dynamic platform for training,…

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  9. De-Escalation for Law Enforcement

    The Fundamentals of De-Escalation for Law Enforcement Professionals

    The abilities to de-escalate conflicts and influence situations for positive outcomes are some of the primary responsibilities of law enforcement officers. TargetSolutions’ law enforcement course…

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  10. Law Enforcement Training and Compliance

    A Complete Solution for Managing Law Enforcement Training and Compliance

    Today’s environment is rapidly evolving for law enforcement agencies. Amid changing demands and exposure, your agency’s ability to continue deliver and perform are essential. Developed…

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