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  1. Pandemic Firefighter Training

    How to Manage Firefighter Training During a Pandemic

    By Fire Chief Arjuna George, Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue (British Columbia, Canada) The fire service and all of humanity have got a taste to…

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  2. Evaluations+ Watch Demo

  3. Cortez Fire Protection District

    Cortez Fire Protection District Manages Employee Schedules with TargetSolutions Scheduling

    At the start of 2020, Cortez Fire Protection District (Colo.) implemented TargetSolutions Scheduling™ to modernize their employee scheduling tasks. This workforce management application has helped…

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  4. Firehouse Webcast Watch Demo Request Page

    WHY IS TARGETSOLUTIONS THE INDUSTRY’S LEADER? ✔ More than 250 hours of valuable fire and EMS online continuing education ✔ Cutting-edge fire department software applications…

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  5. Vector Evaluations+ IDP – Demo Request

    The Ultimate Mobile Application for Live Skill Assessments Simplify the recording, assessment and tracking of live skill demonstrations with Vector Evaluations+, the all-new mobile application…

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  6. Vector EHS Management IDP – Demo Request

    The Ultimate Tool for Accident Tracking The Vector EHS Management mobile application makes incident reporting intuitive and simple. By recording an incident closer to the…

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  7. TargetSolutions Scheduling™ IDP – Demo Request

    The Ultimate Tool for Employee Scheduling Managing your workforce in mission-critical industries, where schedules and callbacks are unpredictable, can be daunting. TargetSolutions Scheduling™ provides Fire,…

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  8. TargetSolutions Online Training Management IDP – Demo Request

    The Ultimate Tool for Training Management A well-trained employee is a safer, more prepared employee. That’s why TargetSolutions creates innovative technology solutions for public entities.…

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  9. TargetSolutions Check It – IDP Demo Request

    The Ultimate Tool for Asset & Inventory Management Meet TargetSolutions Check It™, the most innovative technology ever created for routine maintenance inspections of trucks, tools,…

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