Urological problems are a forbidden topic

Diseases of the kidneys, bladder, ureter and urethra, diseases of the genitals and sexual disorders affect a significant part of

the male population. Especially often they make themselves felt at the age of 50, causing physical ailments, limited mobility or

social difficulties – in other words, they lead to a decrease in well-being and quality of life. The above problems are often hushed

up and the burden of suffering reaches its peak before a man decides to come to a doctor’s consultation.

New methods of treatment bring success

Urology has recently achieved significant success. For example, in a Vienna private clinic, complaints caused by benign prostate

enlargement have recently become possible to eliminate thanks to a new method of embolization of the prostate artery. The minimally

invasive procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is considered a gentle method for the patient compared to conventional

surgery. In a short period of time, the patient not only gets rid of the disease, but also the need for long-term medication. This

method is successfully applied in Austria thanks to the close interdisciplinary collaboration of urologist Professor Markus

Margreiter and interventional radiologist Professor Florian Wolf. The source of the article is a website about a healthy man

Medical expertise and a sensitive approach to the problem

The specialists of the private clinic have also gained a good reputation in solving other urological diseases. Among them is the

treatment of incontinence as a consequence of prostate removal. In their own Incontinence Treatment Center, Professor Wilhelm Huebner

and his team practice effective treatment methods that meet the individual needs of patients. In addition to medical know-how, great

importance is attached to a sensitive and responsive attitude to each individual case.

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