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A Complete Solution for Law Enforcement Training, Compliance, Operations and Workforce Management

If you’re looking to train your officers, document compliance, deliver and track policies, manage your FTO program, and reduce your agency’s overall liability, your search is over. TargetSolutions offers law enforcement’s leading online training management system featuring accredited training courses and powerful recordkeeping applications.

With TargetSolutions, your agency can do the following:

Training Management: Deliver 240+ accredited online training courses for law enforcement, as well as dynamic video-based training created with Calibre Press, and document all training and compliance tasks

Policy Management: Distribute important policies and keep records of acknowledgement in centralized online system

FTO Management: Manage your FTO program with in-app video recordings and customizable skill sheets that show proof of competency

Asset Management: Manage equipment checks, work orders for patrol vehicles, weapons, and other inventory counts with dynamic mobile app

Workforce Management: Streamline scheduling, overtime hiring, callbacks, time-off requests and more with fully customizable features.

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Cutting-Edge Technology for Law Enforcement
TargetSolutions offers your law enforcement agency a complete solution for managing training and compliance.


✓ Manage training and compliance tasks digitally

✓ Document entire training program with powerful recordkeeping system

✓ Deliver and track mandatory policies that mitigate liability

Simplify Training and Save Money
TargetSolutions provides law enforcement agencies with an easy and effective way to deliver training and online courses for law enforcement


✓ Empower employees with 24/7 online training accessibility

✓ Reduce expenses with one centralized training hub

✓ Decrease liability with compliance training and tracking

“TargetSolutions has helped us improve the quality and efficiency of our training. It has made training more readily available and simple to deliver.”

Erin Belham | North Attleboro Police Department (Mass.)