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The Leading Software for Training, Compliance, Operations and Workforce Management

Training for Government Agencies

TargetSolutions features more than 2,500 courses for all types of government agencies.

✔ More than 500 hours of Fire, NFPA & EMS training
✔ More than 250 hours of Law Enforcement training
✔ More than 50 hours of OSHA Safety Training

Powerful Records Management Applications

TargetSolutions features easy-to-use tools for tracking compliance tasks.

✔ Assign training for government employees
✔ Track online, hands-on, instructor-led training
✔ Manage various licenses, certifications and policies

Innovative Applications for Peak Performance

The leading technology for inspections and workforce management.

✔ Track trucks, equipment and inventory in one mobile app
✔ Easy-to-use employee resource management solution
✔ Analyze real-time metrics with just a few clicks

Achieve Compliance and Save Money

TargetSolutions enables government entities to streamline training management, meet training requirements and cut costs.

✔ Reduce out-of-service time with online convenience
✔ Reduce instructor overtime costs and scheduling issues
✔ Simplify training completions with 24/7 access

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