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The Leading Software for Training, Compliance, Operations and Workforce Management

A Suite of Solutions. One Powerful System.

TargetSolutions focuses on the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of government agencies. With more than 2,500 online training courses, records management tools, an inspection and inventory tracking application, and workforce scheduling software, TargetSolutions is the ultimate technology for operational readiness.

Training & Compliance

Continuing education for fire, EMS, law enforcement, OSHA, Public Works, etc.
Tracking and reporting tools for hands-on training and compliance tasks
Secure management of licenses, certifications and policies

Assets & Inspections

Track vehicles, equipment and inventory in one mobile app
Oversee and enforce routine inspections
Stay ahead of discrepancies, repairs & other action items

Workforce Scheduling

Manage employee schedules using a mobile application
Automate overtime hiring, time-off requests & hours accrued
Produce reports of employees’ hours for payroll & more

Manage Training & Compliance with TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions online training management system enables agencies to deliver, track and report all training and compliance tasks. This solution centralizes courses, custom-built activities, policies, and events. Digital recordkeeping ensures licenses and certifications are accessible and renewed on time.

TargetSolutions Check It™ for Tracking Inspections

Using TargetSolutions Check It™, your agency can ensure the completion of routine inspections of vehicles, equipment and inventory, including controlled substances. Pre-built or customized checklists can be accessed from the mobile application and help identify needs for repairs, maintenance, or restocking – keeping things from falling through the cracks.

Smarter Workforce Management: TargetSolutions Scheduling™

With TargetSolutions Scheduling™, you can streamline how your agency schedules and communicates work shifts. Intelligent tools use your agency’s custom rules to automate scheduling, callbacks for overtime hiring and accrued hours for vacation or sick leave. Administrators can track employees’ hours and generate payroll reports. Test it today with a free 30-day trial!

Vector Evaluations+ for Live Skill Demonstrations

Vector Evaluations+ takes your crew’s skill assessments to the next level. This modern solution allows you to record demonstrations of skillsets, sign off on an evaluation via eSignatures and store the records in one, centralized location. Using this application, which connects to TargetSolutions’ online training management system, you can refer back to previous evaluations, annotate videos, and use the feedback to enhance future performance.

Safety Tracking with Vector EHS Management

Vector EHS Management is a digital safety tracking solution that streamlines incident reporting, corrective actions and filling out OSHA forms. With the mobile application, you can record data the moment an incident or exposure occurs. Then, you can track follow up solutions such as worker’s compensation or refresher safety training – reducing liability and risk for your agency.