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Vector Solutions was featured in October’s IACP Police Chief magazine. Read this article to learn more about a new way to manage and document training for law enforcement agencies.

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The Next Evolution in Law Enforcement Training Dynamic, Accredited Video-Based View Platform Demo Training Created with Calibre Press View Course Catalog Online Law Enforcement Training Platform | TargetSolutions Cutting-Edge Tools for Managing Policies Distribute Mandatory Compliance Tasks Watch Platform Demo Request Demo Track Records, and Generate Reports The All-New Field Training Solution Manage Daily Observations Request Demo of New Officers and Track Everything

21st Century Training for Police Officers

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TargetSolutions  is Becoming
Featuring integrated learning and performance solutions for the public sector so you’re ready for what’s next.


Online Law Enforcement Training

Quality Online Training

TargetSolutions and Calibre Press have created engaging online law enforcement training on public safety’s most trusted LMS. The platform features more than 240 accredited courses for law enforcement.

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Law Enforcement Policy Management

Policy Management Tools

Manage policies and compliance tasks. Customizable alert notifications & eSignature functionality allow you to distribute important policies & keep records of acknowledgement in one, secure system.

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Field Training and Tracking

Field Training & Tracking

Track how trainees are performing with this all-new app for managing your FTO program. Dynamic in-app video recordings & customizable skills sheets will prove competencies & standardize field training records.

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Why De-Escalation Training Is a Win-Win for the Public, Officers, and Departments
Download this white paper to learn how de-escalation training can help your agency protect the public and its officers, while reducing overall liability.

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Dynamic Online Training Courses Created for Law Enforcement Agencies
TargetSolutions and Calibre Press have created engaging online law enforcement training on public safety’s most trusted LMS. Download this course guide to learn more.

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Online Law Enforcement Training for Police Officers & Agencies

Reduce Risk with Engaging Online Law Enforcement Training Courses

Reduce your agency’s exposure to risk and achieve compliance with engaging online law enforcement training courses.

  • More than 240 law enforcement courses covering today’s hottest topics
  • Training series created by Calibre Press, known for its training content and “Street Survival” seminar series
  • New Calibre Press courses covering Communication Skills, Patrol Tactics, Use of Force, Ethics, Leadership, and other mission-critical topics
  • TargetSolutions’ training is accepted in numerous states, including Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Nevada, etc.
  • Course built to improve effectiveness in high-risk, low-frequency situations
  • Catalog features OSHA, sexual harassment prevention training, driver safety, and much more

Online Police Department Training | Calibre Press

Law Enforcement Vehicle and Equipment Inspections

Innovative New Technology for Tracking Vehicles and Inventory Checks

TargetSolutions Check It™ streamlines routine checks of vehicles, weapons, equipment, and other items logged in inventory records.

  • Gives law enforcement agencies insight into their inventory, so they can spot issues in real time
  • Create customized checklists or download checklists from a shared library to track resources online
  • View intuitive reports featuring automatically generated graphs and figures

Elevate Your Police Agency’s Crew Scheduling with the Leading Cloud-Based Solution

With TargetSolutions Scheduling™ Powered by CrewSense, Your Agency Can Do the Following:

  • Schedule employees’ shifts in one, centralized location
  • Automate overtime shifts and emergency call-outs
  • View roster information across jurisdictions

online fire department staffing and scheduling

law enforcement policy management

Keep Your Agency in Compliance with the Industry’s Leading Learning Management System for Law Enforcement

Schedule, deliver and track police training and policies with cutting-edge software applications.

  • Manage everything with easy-to-use training management applications
  • Empower employees to complete training 24/7 with online technology compatible with mobile devices
  • Generate comprehensive records with powerful reporting tools
  • Decrease your organization’s overall liability with compliance training

Arm Your Police Department with TargetSolutions’ Innovative Tracking Application

TargetSolutions training for law enforcement comes loaded with ready-made fully customizable tracking tools built for law enforcement agencies.

  • Platform Solutions enable agencies to schedule, deliver, track and report critical training and compliance tasks with customizable applications for the following
    • Weapons Qualifications: Track hands-on training, including areas of focus, time, location, etc.
    • Post-Training: Easily document all POST training activities related to your state’s requirements
    • Use of Force Training: Deliver a pre-built, fully customizable electronic tracking for to document attendance at critical training events
    • FTO Program Tracking: Online form outlines all areas of concern for FTOs such as stress performance, officer safety, self-initiated activity, verbal and physcial skills, problem solving, and more
  • Other pre-built solutions: Daily Observation Reports, Perishable Skills Training, Driver’s Licenses, and more!
  • All ready-made recordkeeping tools are completely customizable
  • Access TargetSolutions’ pre-built tools, create your own, or utilize what has been shared by the TargetSolutions’ community

law enforcement training records management

police training management

Policy Management Tools for Law Enforcement Agencies

Effectively manage risk by delivering and tracking mandatory policies that mitigate liability for law enforcement.

  • Deliver policies and ensure accountability by requiring e-signatures
  • Access, customize and assign TargetSolutions’ pre-made documents
  • Monitor risk exposure by generating employee records in real time
  • ‘Go Green’ by storing files in TargetSolutions’ online database


Online Law Enforcement Training for Police Officers & Agencies

Find out why thousands of organizations are using TargetSolutions to manage training and compliance.

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