Technology with a Purpose


Accredited Courses, Policy Management, and the All-New Field Training Solution

A Complete Solution for Law Enforcement Agencies

TargetSolutions helps agencies create change, keep officers safe, and protect the communities they serve. With our innovative technology, you can deliver accredited training, manage compliance tasks, track everything, and reduce liability. So when the next emergency call comes, your agency, and its officers, are ready.

Quality Online Training

TargetSolutions features more than 250 hours of law enforcement training. Working with Calibre Press, the platform offers dynamic video-based content created with an authority on law enforcement training. Courses address topics such as de-escalation, implicit bias, and mental health. Using the TargetSolutions platform, you can deliver and track these courses, as well as your own hands-on training activities.

Policy Management Tools

In addition to the industry’s most innovative training management system, TargetSolutions offers cutting-edge tools for managing policies. Convenient notifications and eSignature functionality allow you to distribute important policies and keep records of acknowledgement in one, secure system.

Field Training Solution

With TargetSolutions’ new Field Training Solution, you can manage your FTO program with in-app video recordings and customizable skill sheets that show proof of competency. Bundle training courses, hands-on training activities, live skill evaluations and mandatory compliance policies. This one, centralized location makes it simple to track mandates, oversee employees’ progress, and ensure compliance.

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