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Managing training for volunteer firefighters is no easy task. Keeping members engaged and in compliance with limited resources can feel impossible. TargetSolutions changes everything. The industry’s most user-friendly system is cost-effective, easy to implement, and highly efficient.


Special Offer for Members of the IAFC's VCOS
The Volunteer & Combination Officers Section represents the interests of volunteer and combination agencies. TargetSolutions is proud to extend this special offer.

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See How TargetSolutions Works for Volunteers
The industry’s most powerful online training management system mixes cutting-edge recordkeeping applications with dynamic online training courses. See how it works.

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Deliver the Training You Want, When You Want
Engaging, accredited online training courses are available 24/7. Courses are mobile-ready, easy to deliver, and cover EMS continuing education, NFPA, OSHA, EVO, etc.

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Simplify Training Management and Streamline EMS Recertification

TargetSolutions offers easy-to-use computer-based technology for scheduling, delivering and tracking training and compliance. This industry-leading software simplifies training management at an unbelievable price for volunteer and combination agencies.

  • Platform features more than 450 hours of online fire department training
  • Easily deliver more than 160 hours of accredited EMS continuing education courses
  • Deliver pre-built online training for bloodborne pathogens, hazmat, sexual harassment, etc.
  • Assign custom content, track licenses, and deliver mandatory policies
  • Make sure all training hours are tracked with computer-based recordkeeping applications
  • Streamline the completion of paperwork and training for new hires

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EMS Recertification

VCOS Partnership

A Strong Partnership with the IAFC’s Volunteer & Combination Officers Section

TargetSolutions works closely with the IAFC’s VCOS to make online training management software accessible for volunteer and combination agencies. With that goal in mind, TargetSolutions has instituted a special offer for VCOS members.

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Simplify Training Management and Keep Members Engaged

Thousands of firefighters use TargetSolutions every day to manage training. This innovative software helps agencies retain members by keeping them up-to-date and in compliance with required training. Courses are easily accessible with 24/7 online convenience.

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The Ultimate Tool for Volunteer and Combination Agencies

Want to learn how TargetSolutions can help your fire department schedule, deliver and track training and compliance? Check this demo video to learn more.

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