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The COVID-19 Pandemic


Helping Public Safety Stay Safe and Effective During This Unprecedented Health Crisis

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, first responders are working tenaciously to support and protect their communities. That is why TargetSolutions is focused on helping public safety leaders create a safe, compliant and operationally effective work environment. Together, with our parent company Vector Solutions, we are committed to providing innovative, world-class technology and support resources that help first responders navigate the challenges they are facing.

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Free Online Coronavirus Training Videos from Vector Solutions

Coronavirus 101: What You Need to Know

Protecting yourself against the coronavirus (COVID-19) starts with getting the right information. By watching this 9-minute course, you will be able to identify how coronavirus spreads, recognize its symptoms, explain how to prevent and treat the virus, and determine what to do if you become sick with coronavirus.

Coronavirus 102: Preparing Your Household

Vector Solutions’ second COVID-19 training course provides practical guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help you get your household ready for community transmission of the disease in the United States. This course outlines actions you can take before an outbreak occurs.

Coronavirus 103: Managing Stress and Anxiety

If you’re stressed about COVID-19, you’re not alone. Many deal with fear and anxiety, which can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. This 9-minute course will help you define stress and anxiety; identify common signs and symptoms; and, identify how to reduce stress for yourself and others during this difficult time.

Coronavirus 104: Transitioning to a Remote Workforce

Working at home can be a challenge for even the most organized people. But with COVID-19 wreaking havoc, it’s necessary. In this 7-minute course, you will be able to list best practices for leadership when transitioning to a remote workforce; list best practices for working remotely; and, identify pitfalls to avoid during the transition.

Coronavirus 105: Cleaning & Disinfecting Common Spaces

Staying safe from contamination is paramount during the COVID-19 health crisis. Knowing how to clean and disinfect your common spaces can prevent the disease from spreading. In this 8-minute course, get practical guidance from the CDC for cleaning and disinfecting rooms or areas where those with confirmed COVID-19 have visited.

Coronavirus 106: CDC Guidelines for Using Cloth Masks

This nearly 8-minute course will help you learn the steps for creating a sewn cloth face covering; learn the steps for creating a non-sewn cloth face covering; and, identify best practices for wearing a cloth face covering.

Coronavirus 107: Reopening Your Organization

This course will assist employers in making reopening decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to protect vulnerable workers and others that your employees may come into contact with. By the end of this course, you will be able to determine if you should reopen your business.

Tracking Vital COVID-19 Information with TargetSolutions Check It™

Recorded Webinar: Monitoring Your Agency's Health During the COVID-19 Crisis
To help manage this pandemic, agencies must first ensure personnel are healthy and ready to serve. In this complimentary webinar, we will explain how to use TargetSolutions Check It™ for daily health checks of personnel. Available as a pre-built inspection in the Checklist Library, the Staff Precaution checklist allows departments to monitor the health of first responders, identify any ill personnel, and track potentially exposed crew.

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Support Blog: Using Store Rooms in TargetSolutions Check It™ to Manage Emergency Supplies
Departments using TargetSolutions Check It™ have the ability to monitor inventory levels and track usage of essential supplies, which is critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure preparedness, agencies can adapt this application to oversee emergency medical supplies. The Store Room feature allows departments to set up inventory locations, track stock levels and document refills or location transfers.

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COVID-19 Overview: A Special Webcast Presentation from

Katherine West, RN, BSN, MSEd, an infection control practices and training expert with more than 40 years of experience and a member of the JEMS Editorial Board, delivered this special presentation on what emergency medical providers need to know about COVID-19. In this informative and timely presentation, West reviewed what we know about COVID-19, including its origin, signs and symptoms, risk groups, modes or transmission, PPE, disinfection practices, and promising treatments.

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Prepare Your Crew with TargetSolutions’ Online Training Management System

Complimentary EMS Training for Law Enforcement
As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact the United States, law enforcement personnel are tasked with new challenges when enforcing quarantine mandates and protecting communities. The three hours of training, provided through Vector’s award-winning TargetSolutions brand, offer law enforcement personnel with valuable safety best practices and critical information to help prevent infection.

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The Benefits of Distance Learning for Fire Departments
The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges for the fire service. Social distancing mandates have paused some training-yard drill activities and group gatherings. With TargetSolutions’ online training management system, your agency’s training goals don’t have to be sacrificed. Personnel can use TargetSolutions to access refresher training for EMS continuing education and NFPA standards, share training presentations, and more.

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Online Training for Public Safety Agencies

TargetSolutions: The Industry’s Leading Provider for eLearning

The ability to deliver, track and report training online has never been more critical. With TargetSolutions you can share vital training material and collaborate from a distance when circumstances prohibit regular group training. TargetSolutions’ enterprise solution was built to help agencies stay connected when they are apart.

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Managing a Remote Workforce Video Course

How to Manage a Remote Workforce During COVID-19 Crisis

With the number of cases rising due to COVID-19, workplaces, schools, and public safety agencies are turning to a remote working environment in an effort to reduce the risk of further exposure. Vector Solutions has released a new complimentary video course highlighting tips and best practices for managing remote employees.

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Online Training for Public Safety Agencies

Coronavirus Information in Community Resources

Searching for ‘coronavirus’ in TargetSolutions’ Community Resources center will bring up numerous valuable documents, presentations and other files for public safety professionals. These resources were collected by agencies from across the nation and are available for platform users to read, comment and utilize.

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Simplify Critical Operations with Scheduling and EHS Management Tools

Manage Staff Shortages During COVID-19 Health Crisis with TargetSolutions Scheduling™
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, TargetSolutions has a comprehensive plan to ensure the highest level of security, uptime and availability. The ability to respond to quickly evolving situations is of utmost importance for all departments during this challenging time. To help agencies coordinate their workforce, the 30-day free trial period for TargetSolutions Scheduling™ will also include 30 days free on the platform.

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Manage Your Organization's Exposure to COVID-19 with Vector EHS Management
As we continue to learn more about COVID-19, it’s important to track and monitor should an employee become exposed to or has contracted the virus to help prevent further exposure and improve employee safety. With Vector EHS management, from the moment an exposure is reported, to corrective actions taken, the entire process can be documented and easily accessible at any time.

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EMS Courses Added to TargetSolutions Platform for Law Enforcement

As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise, law enforcement agencies are finding themselves in situations that don’t normally come up in day-to-day operations, such as knowing to recognize symptoms of COVID-19, the purpose of personal protective equipment (PPE), and maintaining health & wellness. To help protect yourself and be aware of certain warning signs to render aid if needed, we have made the following EMS courses available to law enforcement agencies in the TargetSolutions platform at no additional cost.

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Essential Training Topics to Assign During the Coronavirus

As these are unprecedented times for everyone, it can be a challenge to adjust to this temporary lifestyle change. To help agencies adapt, TargetSolutions is highlighting courses in its online training library that are relevant across all agencies within the public sector.

Whether you’re a city manager, human resources administrator or public safety department, these online lessons can help enforce safety and productivity best practices.

Complimentary EMS Refresher Training for First Responders in Fight Against COVID-19

To support retired EMTs and paramedics returning to their service, Vector Solutions selected 20 of its most crucial EMS training courses and is releasing them through TargetSolutions’ online training management platform at no cost.

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