When considering a new software for your agency, you’re bound to have questions. TargetSolutions Scheduling™ is a comprehensive workforce management solution designed for the unpredictability of public safety industries.

To help answer your top questions about TargetSolutions Scheduling™, system experts hosted a webinar discussion. During this presentation, Brandon Rigaud, founder of the scheduling application, highlighted key features, demonstrated how to configure settings and gave a sneak peak of the updated mobile app (coming soon).

Here is a breakdown of top questions and answers for TargetSolutions Scheduling™. To watch a recording of the presentation, please click here.

How does the system set up schedule rotations?

Using the system settings, you can determine rules that automate schedule rotations. Easily apply built-in patterns that repeat shift assignments daily, weekly, 1 on/2 off (24/48), or other common rotations. You can also create your own to meet your exact needs.

How are vacation times and Kelly days coordinated in TargetSolutions Scheduling™?

Similar to how schedule rotations are set up, Kelly days can reoccur based on your department’s schedule rule/pattern. Kelly days can also be coordinated through the time-off auction module. This allows specified groups of employees to request time off based on a designated date range, minimum staffing level for each shift, maximum number of employees allowed to be off per day and more.

To track the amount of time off employees have, you can also set up TargetSolutions Scheduling™ to track accrual hours. This helps manage the different time-off types for each member in your department such as sick leave and vacation.

How does TargetSolutions Scheduling™ help follow union rules?

TargetSolutions Scheduling™ is fully configurable to whatever guidelines your agency must follow. You can determine rules for callbacks/overtime hiring, time off, pay periods and all other essential functions.

What options are available for managing shift trades in the system?

Shift swaps are managed and tracked with the Trade module. This feature allows personnel to request a shift trade to a group/classification of employees or a specific employee. Once the requested employee accepts the shift swap and it is approved by your administrators, this change will be reflected in the Crew Scheduler.

To keep track of swapped shifts, the Trader Ledger shows all trades between employees. The ledger also totals the balance of hours worked between employees who traded shifts (and can show if an employee owes hours to anyone).

Does the system process payroll reports?

Yes. Using the Reports module, it’s simple to generate a payroll report for specific pay periods, types of assignments worked and other criteria. Multiple export options make it simple to share your reports via Excel, PDF, csv or payroll summary.

Bonus Question: What are the API capabilities with TargetSolutions Scheduling™?

The TargetSolutions Scheduling™ vendor API (Application Programming Interface) offers third-party software developers deeper access to system data. This means easier information sharing between applications used by your agency.

Bonus Question: Are the modules in TargetSolutions Scheduling™ all-inclusive or are they separately purchased?

When you choose TargetSolutions Scheduling™, you are getting a truly comprehensive solution. Not only can you access the full suite of the application’s features, but you also benefit from any platform enhancement at no additional cost. This means you will always have the most secure, up-to-date and powerful app at your fingertips.

Please click here to watch a recording of this webinar.