Subscribing to TargetSolutions ForumsSharing and discussing training with peers allows personnel to engage with learning material and improve their knowledge. TargetSolutions’ Forum provides a password-protected, online location to foster these types of discussions, solicit feedback, and give users the ability to trade ideas with one another.

Updates to this feature in the TargetSolutions platform now enable users to subscribe to forum topics and administrators can receive notifications when a new forum topic is made. These enhancements help departments utilize the full benefits of the forum functionality and centralize communication.

For a step-by-step overview of how to subscribe to forums, check out this article in the TargetSolutions Help Center.

Subscribe to Forum Topics

With this latest platform enhancement, users can subscribe to any forum topic and receive notifications, via email and in-platform notifications, when replies are made. This update keeps personnel engaged in the conversation and allows individuals to help one another by answering questions.

Users can easily subscribe (or unsubscribe) to a forum from the forum topic list or within a forum topic itself.

Learn how to subscribe to forums with this help article.

Automatically Notify Administrators

Administrators can receive notifications when a new topic is created in the forum by entering their email in the Forum Topic Email category in Settings. They can add as many emails as they’d like to keep administrators in the loop and oversee their department’s communication.

Notifying administrators of new forum topics can also help decision makers identify areas for improvement. They can better understand areas of confusion for personnel and provide clarity, or create opportunities for more training down the road.

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