Through the TargetSolutions platform, you have access to your full suite of applications by Vector Solutions. With these centralized solutions, your agency can select from offerings to streamline training, manage assets, schedule employees and test proficiencies.

Now, with the addition of the “on shift today” filter in the training platform, agencies using TargetSolutions Scheduling™ can record completions for employees currently working. This integration makes it easy to use scheduling data to simplify training processes.

EMS Scheduling Software Update

View Employees “On Shift Today” from Your Training Platform

In the TargetSolutions LMS, any time you are viewing the User Select tool, you will be able to filter by “on shift today”. This data comes directly from your TargetSolutions Scheduling™ site.

Pulling from your police, firefighter or EMS scheduling software allows you to quickly select those that are currently on shift when recording completions, creating assignments, sending messages, and more.

Using Shift Assignments to Filter Employees

Every time you log in to the LMS, the latest shift data is being pulled from TargetSolutions Scheduling™. The “on shift today” filter runs off of your staff assignments in your firefighter, law enforcement or EMS shift schedule.

For more information about this new integration, please read this article in our Help Center.