Platform managers with a desire for more control over reports are going to love the latest series of enhancements to TargetSolutions’ Generate Reports application. Updates have been made to make the online training management system’s reporting functionality even more powerful, efficient and intuitive.
Here are the key reporting upgrades from TargetSolutions’ May product release:
New Overdue Assignments Report: This new report was built to make it easier to run data on overdue assignments, eliminating the hassle of using the Incomplete Assignment report to find information on late assignments. Previously you would need to filter through assignments that were incomplete, but not overdue. To solve this issue, TargetSolutions removed the overdue filter in the Incomplete Assignments report and built a brand new Overdue Assignments report.
“Removing the overdue filter in the Incomplete Assignments report makes it easier for clients to understand the primary use for that report – to find scheduled assignments that are not yet due,” said TargetSolutions Product Manager Misty Pratt, “The Overdue Assignments report will provide a quick and easy way to find the delinquent assignments that warrant action.”
To facilitate one-click reporting, a new type of filter was developed for the Overdue Assignment report.
“This new report really simplifies the user experience,” Pratt said. “The default filter option gives you all assignments more than one day overdue. In other words, without changing anything, you can get a quick report of all overdue assignments and nothing else.”
Of course, more advanced filtering is available, but with options that are more straightforward (see screenshot below).
If an assignment is more than a day overdue, the overdue column will display a full day value, rounded down. So if an assignment is 47 hours overdue, it will show as one day overdue. In cases where assignments are less than a day overdue, the report will display hours, rather than days.
Credential Selection Dropdown: The single select credential dropdown menu is now searchable for the Credential Summary and Credential Exception reports. In the past, some may have found it difficult to navigate the dropdown menu. Now, finding the information you need is quicker and more efficient.
“Clients with a large numbers of credentials will really appreciate this update,” Pratt said. “In the past, without knowing the category in which a credential was located, it was time consuming to scroll through potentially hundreds of reports. Now, these credentials can be searched, making them easier to locate and saving valuable time.”
Search functionality on the Credential Summary and Credential Exemption reports will make finding specific reports more efficient.
Addition of Certain Data Columns for Specific Reports: More options have been added in the Credential Information Columns in the Credential Exception and Credential Summary reports. The added selections give platform managers the ability to gather all relevant data for recordkeeping purposes.