Karly Andrade joined TargetSolutions in January 2017. Originally from Santa Clarita, Calif., Karly is a Southern California native who loves the region’s laid-back vibes. After moving to rainy Southport, England for 3 ½ years, Karly and her spouse made San Diego their permanent home.

meet the teamNow serving as an account specialist, Karly is well versed in customer support here at TargetSolutions. She happily joined the TargetSolutions team after hearing positive things from Krista Woodin, who is also a client services representative for the company. Her international work experience has helped Karly become adaptable to new environments and a perfect fit for TargetSolutions.

“At TargetSolutions, there is so much support and genuine care for the employees,” Karly said. “I enjoy working with everyone in the Client Services department and working alongside our account managers.”

When Karly isn’t at the office, she enjoys being outdoors doing adventurous activities.

Find out more about Karly with this Q-and-A:

Favorite movie?

Love Actually

Favorite band?


If you could go anywhere, where would you visit?

I really want to go to Thailand! I love Thai food!

Favorite flavor of ice cream?

I love cookie dough!

Favorite sports team?

It used to be the Chargers, but now I don’t have a team.

Best book you’ve read?

The Alchemist

Any hobbies?

My two biggest hobbies are surfing and traveling.

What is your favorite type of weather?


Favorite animal?

Daushaund dogs.

Any pets?

Not at moment.