The TargetSolutions learning management system (LMS) helps thousands of departments across the U.S. streamline training and operations management tasks. With that, to better serve agencies’ needs, frequent platform enhancements are made according to client feedback.

Recent updates to the LMS make managing supervisors and overseeing courses and credentials more user-friendly for members. These enhancements allow platform administrators to mass manage and create supervisors, give users a “grace period” for credentials and more easily assign courses.

Learn more about new improvements to the TargetSolutions LMS:

Mass Manage Supervisor Rights

To keep a department organized, not all supervisory personnel should be allowed full access to the features and editing options in the TargetSolutions LMS. For example, while you may want all supervisors to be able to create events, you may not want everyone to be able to delete them.

The ability to mass manage supervisors is accessible from one, easy-to-use screen. Now, agencies can easily edit the supervisory rights for individuals by their name and functional access, or by groups such as their rank, shift, station or specialty. Using the list view makes it simple to edit and save your selections.Mass Manage Supervisor Rights

If there are any changes in leadership in your agency, all it takes is a few clicks to edit and implement them for your supervisors.

Enable Credential Grace Periods

A new grace period setting allows administrators to give users a buffer to complete requirements that will count towards a credential even after the credential has expired. This lets agencies still set expiration dates but also give wiggle room when submitting training documentation or completing courses.Training Credential Grace Period

You can also customize how long of a grace period users are permitted. Depending on your agency’s needs, you can choose to allow completions to count for 30, 90 or however many days after a credential’s expiration date.

Preview and Assign Training Courses

This latest round of enhancements has also made it easier to assign TargetSolutions courses to personnel directly from the course library. Admin have options to assign training to specific individuals or all employees in just a few clicks.

Additionally, multiple courses can be assigned simultaneously by making your selection of courses and choosing employees to take the training. This functionality can helps administrators when assigning relevant pre-training for a hands-on event or wanting to keep personnel in-the-know.Preview and Assign Online Training

Finally, this update to the course library allows courses to be previewed before they’re assigned. Using this function enables admin to preview the lessons without taking the full training.

For questions about new enhancements in the TargetSolutions LMS, please visit our online Help Center.