TargetSolutions has improved the Modify Users tool; which makes managing users’ profiles easier. This includes a brand new look for user profiles, as well as the ability for administrators and supervisors to change the usernames and e-mails of their users.

As a related change, administrators now have the ability to require e-mail addresses without requiring the address to be used as a username.

“The ability to make e-mail required for each user and still retain a unique username for login purposes was a highly requested feature. Some of these city-given e-mails have five acronyms and four periods in each one. They are long and a hassle to type in every time,” said Product Manager Misty Pratt. “Now the users are free to choose a unique username that is easier for them to remember and quicker for them to enter.”

TargetSolutions is also improving the My Profile section of all user accounts. The section will have the great new look and enhanced usability of the Modify Users application.