Read Body Language for Law EnforcementBody language and other non-verbal behaviors can often communicate more than verbal communication alone. For law enforcement professionals, the ability to read and interpret these unconscious signals can mean the difference between life and death.

TargetSolutions’ online training catalog for law enforcement agencies features important body language courses. Made with Calibre Press, a training authority for the industry, this 4-course body language series prepares officers to watch for these subtle tells. Each course is video-based and uses up-to-date data, real case studies and immersive videos to explain important strategies.

Body language courses in this catalog include:

  • Body Language: Reading People 101
  • Body Language: Reading People 201
  • Body Language: Analysis of Deceptive Behavior
  • Body Language: Analysis of Pre-Attack Indicators

Fundamentals of Reading People

The fundamentals of analyzing people is broken down into two courses, Reading People 101 and 201. Reading People 101 reviews the 6 main non-verbals used to determine underlying messages and unconscious communication. This course helps improve personnel’s understanding of methods to read body language, the meaning behind various facial expressions, and learned versus innate behavior.

Reading People 201 covers all types of unconscious communication. The purpose of this course is to increase awareness of subtle changes in behavior and body language that can convey essential information.

Analysis of Deceptive Behavior

For law enforcement professionals, it’s essential to be able to determine deception and detect and interpret the meanings of different communication types.

This course provides an overview of deceptive behaviors and techniques to determine truthfulness. Lessons highlight the signs of deception, conducting statement analysis, Freudian slips, and body language cues that convey hidden meanings.

Analysis of Pre-Attack Indicators

Analysis of Pre-Attack Indicators explains the signs of attack and techniques to determine potentially dangerous human behaviors. This course reinforces safety measures by covering how to identify danger cues through body language, unconscious indexing, verbal threats, and physical behavior that can indicate micro-aggressions.

To learn more about TargetSolutions’ training for law enforcement, please visit our course catalog.