Interaction Principles for Law Enforcement The ability to communicate effectively is one of the greatest tools law enforcement professionals can use to influence outcomes. With an in-depth understanding of human interactions, officers can defuse dangerous situations and facilitate peaceful resolutions.

TargetSolutions’ law enforcement training addresses important topics for the industry such as reading body language, stress management and understanding human interactions. Created with Calibre Press, the course, Truths of Human Interaction, uses scientific research, case studies and real-life videos to explain the principles of interacting with others.

Truths of Human Interaction

This course provides an overview of human interactions and the importance of truly understanding what these interactions intimate. It aims to give law enforcement professionals a better understanding of the types of interactions, meaning behind verbal and non-verbal cues, the importance of making people feel valued and how to avoid career-ruining mistakes.

Calibre Press Training for Law Enforcement

TargetSolutions’ Calibre Press training series was created to address essential topics for the law enforcement industry. Using an onscreen instructor, video case studies and up-to-date content, these courses offer the most dynamic online training possible. Explore the full TargetSolutions law enforcement training catalog here.