Implicit Bias in Law Enforcement Law enforcement professionals today are under increasing amounts of scrutiny. With more and more encounters recorded on camera, charges of bias have become more frequent. While these instances do not always capture the entirety of the situation, this does not mean that implicit bias doesn’t exist in law enforcement or doesn’t go unaddressed.

TargetSolutions’ course, Implicit Bias: Facts and Myths, was created with Calibre Press, an authority in law enforcement training. Working with their experienced experts, this course uses numerous case studies, statistics and real video scenarios to explain different forms of biases.

Understanding the Impact of Implicit Bias

Implicit Bias: Facts and Myths focuses on understanding the 4 types of bias and how preconceived opinions can have a negative impact on job performance and public trust.

Video-based lessons help identify the inherent issues with explicit, implicit, illicit and racial biases. The course also explains how they can be applied unconsciously to a potential suspect. Finally, this course also explores the rise of implicit bias and how both confirmation and observational biases can affect job performance.

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