TargetSolutions’ new firefighter virtual reality training teaches how to read smoke coming from a burning building with a 360-degree view of the scene.

TargetSolutions, which strives to deliver new, cutting-edge solutions that advance firefighter training, recently completed a virtual reality (VR) training video that teaches firefighters how to read smoke coming out of a burning building with a 360-degree view of the scene.

This innovative video is now accessible as a pre-built training activity in the TargetSolutions platform. Utilizing the latest technology, personnel completing the activity will have an immersive learning experience in which they can employ crucial strategies and practice skills.

About the Course: Smoke Reading in Virtual Reality

Working with Vector Solutions, Pasco County Fire Rescue (Fla.) helped close a city block in downtown Dade City, Florida and were filmed with a Gear 360 camera. In the video, Pasco County addresses a call for a two-story building fire and engages the learner through each step of the process.

Throughout this modernized fire training course, individuals are prompted to select choices that impact the scenario; from the scene size-up to smoke reading to ventilation. Depending on the individual’s decisions, different outcomes ensue – allowing them to understand the effectiveness of their strategies.

“If we save one life by allowing firefighters to make decisions to attack or not attack a fire based on what the smoke tells them, then the Smoke Reading virtual reality app capitalizes on that mission and vision,” said Michael Schreiner, who serves as the Senior Director for Vector Solutions.

Access Free Virtual Reality Training for Fire

Virtual Reality Training for Fire

Smoke Reading in Virtual Reality can be accessed through TargetSolutions’ online training platform. From the Activities Builder, click on Import Example Activities and scroll down to find the “Smoke Reading in Virtual Reality” activity. Simply import the pre-built custom activity through the Activities Builder and assign it to your personnel. After receiving their assignment, personnel will need to use their mobile device to scan the QR code and access the activity.

Additionally, if an individual has access to a Google Cardboard headset, they can use the app in the headset for a fully immersive experience.

For more information on how to import example activities, please click here

Benefits of Firefighter Virtual Reality Training

Virtual reality training content is a valuable addition to any fire department’s training program. Using this innovation from TargetSolutions, personnel can practice strategies that are difficult or costly to reproduce, require a high degree of accuracy when performed and where safety is crucial.

Here are some of the many benefits of VR training for fire:

Training in a Safer Environment

By utilizing VR technology, personnel can engage with a simulated emergency and make decisions without the concern of real consequences.

Flexible Training

Rather than coordinating training for a single place and time, trainees can access their virtual reality fire training any time, anywhere. Additionally, this means trainees can go through a simulation an unlimited number of times to refresh themselves on that skill.

Fire Department Training


Saves Resources/Less Costly

While there are costs associated with VR training gear and goggles, virtual training also eliminates costs of reserving a training facility, fuel for transportation and out-of-service time.

Improved Retention

VR creates an experience for personnel and is more immersive than a video course or classroom instruction. Therefore, firefighters are more likely to recall key information in the field.

“The Vector Solutions Content Center of Excellence is constantly looking at the future of content development and delivery.” Schreiner explained. “Today, we create state of the art, creative and emotionally driven, interactive online video content. We are also ramping up our augmented and virtual reality content to further meet the needs of customers.”

Upon completing the activity, please fill out this survey. Using personnel’s feedback, future VR training can be developed to improve learning in a variety of subjects related to firefighting, and other industries.

Firefighter Continuing Education Training

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