Expanded Notification Options for Assignments
TargetSolutions expanded options for assignment notifications so platform administrators can utilize automated emails to streamline the management of training progress.

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To help platform managers streamline the process of notifying users of new or overdue assignments, this round of enhancements focuses on assignment notifications.

“The enhancements made to assignment notifications give platform managers the opportunity to keep their users engaged and on track with their training without having to micromanage.”

Troy McEeaney, Associate Product Manager, TargetSolutions

More Notification Options

Ensuring all personnel in an organization complete the training they need in a timely manner can prove to be challenging. To better automate the process of alerting users of assignment deadlines or past-due assignments, all-new email notification options are available.

When assigning activities or courses, expanded settings allow administrators to select different automated emails to remind users of deadlines as they approach or alerts users of any overdue assignments. These new options enable administrators to email users 1 week before an assignment is due and even send a weekly list of incomplete assignments to those who missed the due date.

Automated Alerts to Enforce Deadlines

This expansion to notifications of assignments reduces the need to frequently check in with users and minimizes surprises when running completion reports. Automatic, reoccurring reminders help training officers and supervisors more easily manage their department’s compliance. With weekly alerts conducting the communication for them, platform managers can spend less time micromanaging personnel about finishing assignments and focus on other crucial training efforts.

If a user has multiple overdue assignments, these weekly emails will consolidate the list of past-due assignments into one message – minimizing the risk of spamming users.

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