TargetSolutions’ online training management system undergoes frequent enhancements to help agencies simplify training and streamline operations management. These platform improvements are driven by client feedback. By focusing on the user’s experience, TargetSolutions can create practical, effective change for organizations.

This latest platform enhancement upgrades tag management to give agencies more control over categorizing activities, courses, and now, credentials. Learn how these platform updates can improve processes at your agency.

Tag Management Improvements

Enhancements to Tags and Supervisor RightsMore tagging abilities for activities, courses and credentials are now in the hands of platform administrators. With a more intuitive interface, administrators can use a searchable dropdown menu to appropriately tag activities. Additionally, platform managers can create and delete tags themselves – saving agencies time when organizing their site.

Finally, a significant update has been the added functionality to tag credentials. This change allows agencies to better control which credentials platform supervisors have access to (explained below).

Granular Supervisor Rights for Content & Credentials

When editing supervisor rights, platform managers can use tags to limit the content and credentials supervisors can access. For example, supervisors with certain access rights can be restricted from items with specific tags so they only see what is relevant to their personnel. Using tags to control available credentials for supervisors reduces confusion, streamlines credentials management and increases overall organization.

To learn more about these platform updates, please visit this article in the Help Center.