De-Escalation for Law EnforcementThe abilities to de-escalate conflicts and influence situations for positive outcomes are some of the primary responsibilities of law enforcement officers. TargetSolutions’ law enforcement course catalog includes valuable online training that addresses this important topic as well as countless others for the industry.

Created with Calibre Press, an authority in police training, The Essential Component of De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution and Interaction Principles for De-Escalation Success focus on effective de-escalation strategies for law enforcement agencies. Each course is video-based and uses an onscreen instructor, scientific research and real-life case studies.

The Essential Component of De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution

One of the greatest tools a law enforcement professional possesses is the ability to influence the overall outcome of interactions. This course focuses on today’s peacekeepers and their ability to effectively evaluate others and use communication to support safe resolutions.

Lessons in this video-based course use real encounters by officers and relevant data to explain important procedures. After completing this course, law enforcement officers can better understand the power of effective communication skills to defuse potentially volatile situations.

Interaction Principles for De-Escalation Success

In addition to verbal communication, law enforcement officers can utilize the principles of interaction to resolve conflict. The course given an overview of the interaction skills needed by law enforcement professionals. This includes explaining the seven principles of interaction, de-escalation and conflict stages and potential pitfalls to avoid.

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