The Enterprise solution in the TargetSolutions LMS centralizes training resources for regional firefighter training groups and mutual aid partners. Departments using this feature can maintain their own training platform while also sharing resources with nearby agencies.

Through the Enterprise site, you can share custom activities, courses, training events and now: credentials. Credentials in Enterprise platforms provide more streamlined collaboration, enhanced communication and a standardized training program.  

Optimize & Standardize Regional Training

The ability to build credentials for Enterprise sites makes it simple to oversee training for all members. Using a credential, you can uniformly track task books for standards, such as Firefighter I and II, and make sure personnel meet the same competencies across regional teams. This is also important for maintaining the same level of care across a county or creating a specialized team. Departments can use an Enterprise credential to standardize training for a county Haz-Mat or technical rescue team.

More organized training bundles also help department leaders identify firefighters that fail to meet training requirements. Comprehensive reports show if personnel are in compliance with training standards and can give insight into common performance gaps.

A More Organized Training Solution

Credentials in TargetSolutions’ Enterprise platform can be as standardized or flexible as you like. Administrators can determine editing access and manage notifications to alert the right personnel when necessary. To make the process even easier, administrators can save these credential settings as the default.

For help setting up credentials in your enterprise training site, please visit our Help Center.