sarnia fire rescueSarnia Fire Rescue Services answers more than 3,000 calls each year for the city of Sarnia in Ontario, Canada. This career department, which also serves Port Huron, Mich. due to a mutual aid agreement, consists of five stations that provide emergency services to urban, rural, and heavy industrial areas.

For the past three years, Sarnia has utilized TargetSolutions to train personnel on its core services, which include industrial firefighting, hazardous materials, shore/marine rescue, and heavy vehicle extraction.

While Sarnia has been using TargetSolutions since 2014, the department recently incorporated SimsUshare’s 3D fire simulator app technology to its training program. SimsUshare enhances firefighter training with realistic computer-based scenarios for response in high-risk situations. Sarnia delivers and tracks SimsUshare’s courses for house fires, commercial structure fires, and Big Box cases with TargetSolutions.

“SimsUshare is a great program for creating a plan of action,” said Sarnia Fire Rescue Services Safety and Training Officer Russ Lloyd. “Firefighters can interact with the simulation, and the situation changes as they make decisions.”

Delivering Custom and Third-Party Content with TargetSolutions

The ability to deliver custom content, as well as some third-party content like SimsUshare, is one of the strengths of TargetSolutions’ flexible training management system. When it comes to effective training, “one system doesn’t replace the other,” Lloyd said. “I’ve even recorded SimsUshare sessions and uploaded them to TargetSolutions as customized courses.”

While TargetSolutions’ compatibility with SimsUshare makes dynamic training morsimsusharee
convenient, the online platform is revolutionizing how Sarnia logs training hours. Paperless recordkeeping has improved the agency’s organization, Lloyd said. Firefighters can now track their credentials by uploading certificates directly into the system.

“If anyone needs to check a firefighter’s training hours, I can just look it up right away,” Lloyd says.

Powerful Applications for Documenting Training Hours

Before incorporating eLearning, Sarnia solely relied on instructor-led training to meet requirements. This meant binders of training documents and long paper trails. Going digital simplified recordkeeping and gave firefighters more flexibility with their training.

“TargetSolutions is firefighter-friendly,” Lloyd said. “The platform’s simple navigation and design are easy for everyone to use – even firefighters who aren’t as tech-savvy.”

TargetSolutions and SimsUshare have modernized Sarnia’s training program, Lloyd said. The simplicity and functionality of these systems help prepare the department to answer the various types of calls within the agency’s 165 square-kilometer region.

 “Sarnia utilizes all aspects of the TargetSolutions platform. The system optimizes their training, record tracking, and tasks such as vehicle inspections.”

Judy Smith, Account Manager, Global Risk Innovations