When Alan Brunacini starts talking about leadership, it’s good to listen closely. The retired chief from the Phoenix Fire Department is an authority on the topic and a large crowd gathered in February at the Firehouse World conference in San Diego for his seminar titled Added Value Leadership.

Brunacini, who offers a featured training series through TargetSolutions based on his popular book Functional Boss Behaviors, conducted a give and take discussion with the audience about what makes good and bad leadership, how leadership trickles down through an entire organization, and how departments can bring added value to the citizens they serve.

“Leadership starts at the topand its not what they say, but what they do,” Brunacini said. “Whatever you do as a leader, you teach.”

During one exchange with a firefighter in the audience, Brunacini made the point that citizens will strongly remember the first two minutes and last three minutes they spend with responders during emergencies.

“We have to be sober and salient 24/7, but we only have to be nice eight times a day for 20 minutes at a time. Thats mandatory,” Brunacinci said. “If you cant do that, just stay in the truck. It’s about the added value. Mrs. Smith is going to remember how she felt because of the effort we make to connect.”

Brunacini asked the audience how leaders can inspire their people to deliver added value during calls. After more give and take with the audience, Brunacini said leaders need to do the same thing with their workers that they are asking them to do with the public by connecting.

You do all the little things that’s what matters, he said.

Please click here for more information on Brunacini’s Functional Boss Behaviors through TargetSolutions, which outlines 10 rules for fire industry supervisors to ensure their behavior creates an environment focused on enhancing service and delivering value. Also, check out this blog article titled Learning to Be the Boss by Brunacini.

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