AlphaACT® FIRE’s scenario-based training courses are now available for purchase with TargetSolutions. Contact us for pricing at (800) 840-8046.

TargetSolutions has partnered with AlphaTRAC Products to deliver AlphaACT® FIRE’s scenario-based training.

These firefighter training courses are based on actual scenarios and are fully accessible after purchase via the TargetSolutions platform. Delivering a unique training experience built to help fireground incident commanders improve their decision-making skills, AlphaACT® FIRE can now be assigned, tracked and reported on with TargetSolutions.

AlphaACT® FIRE’s simulation training is inspired by real-life experiences. The program is integrated with the IAFC’s Near-Miss system to build an experience knowledge base in the training.

Here is an overview of the four courses currently available on the TargetSolutions platform:

69th Place Fire
This training session addresses a structure fire in a suburban area with many vacant structures. Longer response times and heavy interior smoke on arrival are important aspects of this event. Crew safety and identifying life hazards become critical tasks. Key event elements include: Flashover, Ventilation, Life Hazards and Arson. Learn More >

Division 2 Near-Miss
This training session addresses a structure fire in a highly structure-concentrated suburb. With a large crew responding, it’s a careful balancing act of applying abundant resources effectively to protect the crews’ life safety and complete the rescue. Learn More >

Oak Drive Fire
This training session addresses a structure fire in a large remodeled suburban home. With plenty of resources, using them effectively as well as locating and controlling the fire are key tasks to success. Learn More >

Watson Street Fire
This training session addresses a structure fire in a rural community with a limited number of responders available. Locating the fire will play a critical role in a successful outcome. Learn More >

“I can remember when the fire service began to discuss ideas like situational awareness and recognition-primed decision making. Time and incident experience were how you collected the volumes of ‘slides’ in your mental slideshow, but now few of us respond to enough actual incidents in a career to master those skills. AlphaACT® FIRE helps to fill that experience gap using simulations based on actual incidents, many of which I have read about in Near-Miss and LODD reports.”

Capt. James Messenger, Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department (Ohio)

To learn more about AlphaACT® FIRE’s scenario-based training courses, as well as the AlphaACT® FIRE’s Scenario Builder, and how these training tools can benefit your organization, please click here to register for an upcoming webinar. The webinar is open to anyone interested and is scheduled for 9 a.m. (PDT) every Wednesday.

If you have questions about pricing, please contact us today at (800) 840-8046.