TargetSolutions has taken additional steps to make its online training management system more secure. The platform has supported both HTTPS and HTTP sessions, but will now make sure logins are done over HTTPS providing for encryption of data in transit.

The platform’s infrastructure is now utilizing an HTTPS uniform resource locator (URL). Recent browser releases have become much more aggressive in warning users if any page contains an HTTP URL. This may impact customers’ experiences when embedding materials hosted outside of TargetSolutions.

If any content appears to be missing inside your organization’s TargetSolutions site, you may not be using the most advanced technology for embedding content.

If you are embedding content from outside of TargetSolutions inside your organization’s Bulletin Board or Activities, SCORM courses, or any other third-party content (i.e. Articulate presentations), please note you may experience missing content. You also may encounter security warnings from your browser.

Examples of these warnings are below:



Internet Explorer




If you need help updating these items, please check out this support article from the help system or contact us today at (800) 840-8048.