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Fire Departments Oversee Member’s Health with TargetSolutions Check It™

When the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting communities across North America, TargetSolutions turned to its core offerings to create solutions that can further support first responders. To help ensure fire and EMS personnel are healthy to work, the Staff Precaution inspection was developed for TargetSolutions Check It™.

Using this custom checklist, fire and EMS departments, such as Amarillo Fire Department (TX) and Grants Pass Fire Rescue (OR), can track signs of infection in personnel, identify potentially exposed individuals and take necessary safety precautions. Learn more about how these agencies are utilizing this pre-built checklist.

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New Updates Coming for TargetSolutions Check It™: Hydrant Inspections, Enhanced Controlled Substances Tracking


The TargetSolutions Check It™ application modernizes how agencies inspect and track all apparatus, equipment, inventory and controlled substances. The system frequently undergoes improvements to guarantee a user-friendly and effective experience for departments.

New enhancements to TargetSolutions Check It™ focus on the Controlled Substances and Equipment modules. These updates offer departments more security when tracking the disposal of their narcotics inventory and enable inspections of fixed assets such as hydrants.  

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COVID-19 Credential in TargetSolutions for Tracking Exposures, Quarantine & Symptoms

As seen in public safety departments across the country, when one member becomes infected with COVID-19, it can spread across the agency like wildfire. To ensure personnel are fit to work and are appropriately self-isolating, departments must be proactive.

TargetSolutions created the COVID-19 Exposure credential to help agencies oversee their personnel. With this credential, departments can track the ongoing status of each individual’s health, moments of exposure and testing.

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RT-130 Annual Wildland Fire Safety Training for 2020

The 2020 wildfire season is quickly approaching. To ensure your department is ready, it’s crucial to review annual RT-130 training with up-to-date data and findings from previous fires.

TargetSolutions updates its RT-130 training series every year. This four-course series uses videos, case studies and an onscreen instructor to prepare personnel for the annual wildfire period. In addition to these refreshed two-hour courses, new 2020 information is also available in short video segments.

By completing this RT-130 refresher training for 2020, fire service agencies can review life-saving strategies, learn from previous wildfires and ensure preparedness for the challenges to come.

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Platform Enhancement: Tagging Events and Calendar Placement Options in TargetSolutions LMS

TargetSolutions’ suite of applications for training management, workforce scheduling and department inspections is frequently updated with new and improved features. Recent enhancements to the TargetSolutions learning management system (LMS) focus on the events and calendar modules. 

Now, agencies have the ability to tag events and configure where in the platform they can access the calendar. These improvements to the LMS are driven by client feedback for better accessibility and increased organization.  Tagging Events in the TargetSolutions LMS

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How to Use CDC Guidelines to Make & Use Cloth Face Coverings

When it comes to making your own face masks for COVID-19, not all materials and methods are created equal. It’s important to pay attention to CDC guidelines to make sure your face covering is as effective as possible.

Vector Solutions’ latest coronavirus training video, Coronavirus 106: CDC Guidelines for Making & Using Cloth Face Coverings, uses CDC recommendations to demonstrate how to make your own face mask. This step-by-step face mask tutorial shows different types of coverings to create for all skill levels.

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New Essential Training: EMS Response for COVID-19 (PPE, Decon, and Transport)

The coronavirus outbreak has put medical professionals, first responders and other essential workers at the frontlines of fighting this global health crisis.

As first responders continue to provide vital emergency medical services during this time, they face unprecedented circumstances. EMS personnel must be able to safely handle the rapidly growing number of calls for possible coronavirus cases of COVID-19.

To help EMS personnel reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus or spreading it to others, TargetSolutions developed an all-new course:  EMS Response for COVID-19 (PPE, Decon, and Transport).

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Complete the Texas EMS Jurisprudence Exam with TargetSolutions

Texas EMS Jurisprudence ExamAll EMS professionals in Texas are required to understand the Health & Safety Code, Department of State Health Services rules, and other applicable laws that impact EMS activities in the state. This is tested when personnel are up for license renewals with the Texas EMS jurisprudence exam.

TargetSolutions’ all-new course, Jurisprudence (Texas), reviews these requirements and allows individuals to complete the jurisprudence exam. Learn more about essential topics covered in Jurisprudence (Texas):

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Vector Solutions Updates Complimentary COVID-19 Training Series

Vector Solutions, the parent company to TargetSolutions, has updated its video course series, which features  valuable training to help individuals protect themselves and others during the COVID-19 pandemic. With three new videos added to the series, five microlessons are available at no cost as videos to the public and are accessible inside the TargetSolutions training platform.

Complimentary Coronavirus Training Series

Vector Solutions leverages its expertise in eLearning and commitment to philanthropy through its Vector Cares program. Through Vector Cares, agencies can access free, high-quality training to help promote social awareness and serve as a resource for individuals who want to learn more and make their organizations and communities a better place.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Vector Solutions team developed and mass-released this COVID-19 awareness training series. Topics discuss coronavirus symptoms and treatment, how to prepare your household, stress management and procedures for disinfection. 

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Essential Training Topics to Assign During the Coronavirus

The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every industry, governing agency, and community in North America since the beginning of 2020. Following CDC recommendations, many counties have called for mass self-quarantining and social distancing to help slow the spread of the aggressive virus.

As these are unprecedented times for everyone, it can be a challenge to adjust to this temporary lifestyle change. To help agencies adapt, TargetSolutions is highlighting courses in its online training library that are relevant across all agencies within the public sector.

Whether you’re a city manager, human resources administrator or public safety department, these online lessons can help enforce safety and productivity best practices.

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