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A Complete Solution for Managing Law Enforcement Training and Compliance

Today’s environment is rapidly evolving for law enforcement agencies. Amid changing demands and exposure, your agency’s ability to continue deliver and perform are essential.

Developed for law enforcement, TargetSolutions provides a comprehensive training and recordkeeping solution. With TargetSolutions, law enforcement agencies can reinforce procedures that keep officers safe, grow their personnel’s skillsets and continue to protect communities.

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New EMS Special Needs Patients Course and Other Updated EMS CE Training

EMS Special Needs PatientsTo provide the best possible care, it’s essential for EMS providers to have access to the most up-to-date, dynamic continuing education possible. TargetSolutions’ online EMS catalog features more than 250 hours of CAPCE-approved EMS training. Courses are frequently added to this catalog and countless others are routinely updated.

In this round of catalog enhancements, TargetSolutions added the all-new course Special Needs Patients and updated:

  • Acute Coronary Syndromes
  • Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose
  • Disease Conditions of Chronic Alcoholism (Advanced)
  • Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Upper and Lower Airway for the First Responder
  • Pelvic Fractures
  • Recognition and Management of Over the Counter Drug Overdoses

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The Facts and Myths of Implicit Bias in Law Enforcement

Implicit Bias in Law Enforcement Law enforcement professionals today are under increasing amounts of scrutiny. With more and more encounters recorded on camera, charges of bias have become more frequent. While these instances do not always capture the entirety of the situation, this does not mean that implicit bias doesn’t exist in law enforcement or doesn’t go unaddressed.

TargetSolutions’ course, Implicit Bias: Facts and Myths, was created with Calibre Press, an authority in law enforcement training. Working with their experienced experts, this course uses numerous case studies, statistics and real video scenarios to explain different forms of biases.

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The Importance of Stress Management in Law Enforcement

Stress Management in Law Enforcement No doubt law enforcement is a dangerous profession. While the physical dangers of the job are more obvious, it can also take an emotional toll on officers. Knowing this, managing stress in this inherently dangerous position is key to emotional survival.

Online courses in TargetSolutions’ law enforcement training catalog, made with Calibre Press, highlight the importance of emotional and mental health for police officers. These courses use engaging videos, scientific findings and real-world examples. Course titles covering this topic include:

  • Emotional Survival in Law Enforcement
  • The Fundamentals of Stress 101
  • The Fundamentals of Stress 201

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New Hydrant Inspections Solution in TargetSolutions Check It™

Ongoing enhancements are frequently made to TargetSolutions Check It™. With this inspection management system, departments can easily manage apparatus, equipment, controlled substances and all inventory. Now, inspections for fixed assets, such as hydrants, have been added to this list of functionalities.

Hydrants is a new equipment pool feature in the system that tracks routine hydrant checks. With this solution, fire departments can keep an accurate record of hydrants, their water flow capacity, location and more.

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How to Create a Culture of Diversity in Your Workplace

Creating an inclusive work environment requires an active approach. Vector Solutions’ new complimentary course, Creating a Culture of Diversity in Your Workplace, outlines the steps employers can take to promote a workplace that fosters respect and inclusion.

Available through the Vector Cares program, this course can be accessed by anyone at your organization, via YouTube or the TargetSolutions platform, at no cost.

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Law Enforcement Training: How to Read Body Language

Read Body Language for Law EnforcementBody language and other non-verbal behaviors can often communicate more than verbal communication alone. For law enforcement professionals, the ability to read and interpret these unconscious signals can mean the difference between life and death.

TargetSolutions’ online training catalog for law enforcement agencies features important body language courses. Made with Calibre Press, a training authority for the industry, this 4-course body language series prepares officers to watch for these subtle tells. Each course is video-based and uses up-to-date data, real case studies and immersive videos to explain important strategies.

Body language courses in this catalog include:

  • Body Language: Reading People 101
  • Body Language: Reading People 201
  • Body Language: Analysis of Deceptive Behavior
  • Body Language: Analysis of Pre-Attack Indicators

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Top 5 Questions Asked About TargetSolutions Check It™

Top Questions TargetSolutions Check It™Are you looking for a more effective way to track your department’s resources? TargetSolutions Check It™ is your answer. This asset management solution was built for the needs of public safety agencies. Highly flexible tools allow your department to streamline inspections of apparatus, equipment, controlled substances and more.

To review the application’s powerful features and answer your top questions, system experts hosted a webinar on June 16, 2020. In this 1-hour presentation, TargetSolutions Check It™ developer, Kevin Znilek, and solutions engineer, Robbi King, share tips and tricks to maximize your experience with the system.

For more information about this webinar presentation, read this Q-and-A below or watch a recording of the webinar here.

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Understanding the Importance of Interactions for Law Enforcement

Interaction Principles for Law Enforcement The ability to communicate effectively is one of the greatest tools law enforcement professionals can use to influence outcomes. With an in-depth understanding of human interactions, officers can defuse dangerous situations and facilitate peaceful resolutions.

TargetSolutions’ law enforcement training addresses important topics for the industry such as reading body language, stress management and understanding human interactions. Created with Calibre Press, the course, Truths of Human Interaction, uses scientific research, case studies and real-life videos to explain the principles of interacting with others.

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Top 5 Questions Asked About TargetSolutions Scheduling™

When considering a new software for your agency, you’re bound to have questions. TargetSolutions Scheduling™ is a comprehensive workforce management solution designed for the unpredictability of public safety industries.

To help answer your top questions about TargetSolutions Scheduling™, system experts hosted a webinar discussion. During this presentation, Brandon Rigaud, founder of the scheduling application, highlighted key features, demonstrated how to configure settings and gave a sneak peak of the updated mobile app (coming soon).

Here is a breakdown of top questions and answers for TargetSolutions Scheduling™. To watch a recording of the presentation, please click here.

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