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Montana CARES Act Enables Reimbursement for Distanced Learning

Montana CARES Act
Montana CARES Act enables reimbursement for purchases related to COVID-19 such as distanced learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused logistical and financial strain on local government agencies. To ensure fire departments and other public safety organizations can still effectively and safely serve their communities, agencies had to adapt processes according to CDC and government best practices.

To help organizations continue these efforts, the Montana Department of Administration announced the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”) of the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF). This $200 million fund permits reimbursement for Montana agencies to improve processes stemmed from COVID-19.

With this state assistance, departments can purchase solutions such as the TargetSolutions training management system, to encourage socially distanced learning and track compliance standards. This funding covers costs incurred now through December 30, 2020.

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Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training to Protect Your Organization

The adoption of new technologies and innovation in the workplace streamlines processes and provides greater flexibility. However, a more virtual work environment, especially given COVID-19 work from home orders, has contributed to a growing cybercrime industry.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021 – doubling annual estimated costs from 2015. To protect your organization, a comprehensive security approach is essential.

In addition to secure operating systems and software, organizations must train employees to identify and avoid cyberattacks, such as phishing scams, that prey on individuals. Vector Solutions’ Cybersecurity training catalog covers cybersecurity best practices to help protect your agency’s valuable information and prevent loss.

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New EMS Nosebleeds and Enhanced CE Training

EMS Nosebleeds Training

Vector Solutions’ CAPCE-approved EMS training catalog features online continuing education for all levels of EMS professionals. New courses are frequently added to the EMS course library while others are refreshed with up-to-date content, new videos and relevant case studies.

The latest EMS catalog updates include the updated course, Medical, Ethical and Legal Issues, and an all-new course: Nosebleeds.

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Credentials Available for Enterprise Sites to Standardize Essential Training

The Enterprise solution in the TargetSolutions LMS centralizes training resources for regional firefighter training groups and mutual aid partners. Departments using this feature can maintain their own training platform while also sharing resources with nearby agencies.

Through the Enterprise site, you can share custom activities, courses, training events and now: credentials. Credentials in Enterprise platforms provide more streamlined collaboration, enhanced communication and a standardized training program.  

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Advanced EMS Courses: EMS Response to Mass Casualty Incidents & More

Vector Solutions’ accredited EMS continuing education helps EMS professionals across the country recertify and maintain licenses. Accessible through the TargetSolutions training management platform, these online courses are frequently updated with refreshed content, videos and case studies.

This round of online course updates focuses on advanced training topics for paramedics. A new course title, Advanced Considerations in EMS Response to Mass Casualty Incidents, covers critical actions for EMS personnel to prepare for (and respond to) a mass casualty event.

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Police Course Updates: Constitutional Law, Domestic Violence & Fatigue

online police course library

Law enforcement is a constantly changing industry. To ensure officers can adapt, their refresher training must reflect the most up-to-date procedures and regulations. Vector Solutions is in the process of revamping its online police course library with dynamic videos, current case studies and industry best practices.

This latest round of law enforcement course updates includes: Constitutional Law, Domestic Violence and Understanding Fatigue for Law Enforcement.

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Fire Course Updates: NFPA 1001 Fire Behavior and NFPA 1021 Incident Scene Communications

NFPA 1021 Incident Scene Communications

The fundamentals of firefighting require a deep understanding of fire behavior and effective communication. To ensure fire departments can deliver the most up-to-date firefighter training, Vector Solutions updated two essential courses in its firefighter continuing education catalog.

Available through the TargetSolutions training management platform, these courses can be assigned and tracked online. Newly updated courses include: NFPA 1001 Fire Behavior and 1021 Incident Scene Communications.

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New “On Shift Today” Filter Connects Training & Scheduling Software

Through the TargetSolutions platform, you have access to your full suite of applications by Vector Solutions. With these centralized solutions, your agency can select from offerings to streamline training, manage assets, schedule employees and test proficiencies.

Now, with the addition of the “on shift today” filter in the training platform, agencies using TargetSolutions Scheduling™ can record completions for employees currently working. This integration makes it easy to use scheduling data to simplify training processes.

EMS Scheduling Software Update

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Policies and Procedures in Law Enforcement Training Course

Law enforcement officers are constantly exposed to risk. Not just in the field, but also from potential incident-related lawsuits. In cases of litigation, policies are the first line of defense for the city or officers.

However, these instances are often what exposes an agency’s lack of policies (and therefore increased liability).

Vector Solutions’ new course, Policies and Procedures in Law Enforcement, was created for this very reason. Available through the TargetSolutions training platform, this online course reviews the fundamentals of effective policies and their importance to the operations of law enforcement agencies.

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Mental Health Awareness for Emergency Responders

Television and movies portray the life of a first responder as fast-paced, high stakes and full of adrenaline rushes as they easily move from life-saving event to another. What the media overlooks is the extreme emotional, physical and mental toll of the job. Emergency responders often deal with this in silence.

Vector Solutions’ new course, Mental Health Awareness for Emergency Responders, addresses the causes, symptoms and coping strategies for the most common mental health disorders for EMS professionals. This comprehensive training was created with veteran first responders to shine a light on the hidden struggles of this profession.

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