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TargetSolutions has asked industry experts to join its special advisory boards to help provide new ideas, weigh-in on product priorities, and provide guidance and insight into market trends. These advisory boards play key roles in the future of TargetSolutions’ online training and operations management system. TargetSolutions features four advisory committees focused on the following industries: EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, and Local Government.


EMS Program Committee


TargetSolutions’ EMS Program Committee has the mission to strategically develop ways to improve TargetSolutions’ EMS content using in-depth reviews, discussion of trends, identification of new and updated protocols, and feedback from course evaluations. With more than 250 hours of accredited EMS continuing education courses available on TargetSolutions’ online training system, the committee has a unique opportunity to influence existing courses, as well as future EMS refresher training that can be scheduled, delivered and tracked through the industry’s leading computer-based training platform.


Fire Advisory Board


In an ongoing effort to provide the most premium quality records management and online training products to Fire and EMS agencies, TargetSolutions is excited to introduce the inaugural Fire/EMS Advisory Board (TFAB). Composed of a dedicated team of TargetSolutions clients, the key objectives of the TFAB are to serve as a continued source of expertise and input for TargetSolutions’ technology and content roadmaps.


Law Advisory Board


TargetSolutions created its Law Enforcement Advisory Board to help it meet the needs of law enforcement agencies. Board members provide valuable feedback to help TargetSolutions optimize its online training management system for law enforcement. This special panel will provide insight to TargetSolutions on how to best develop online law enforcement training applications and course material.


Local Advisory Board


Providing expertise to further develop the platform for public entities, TargetSolutions’ Local Government Advisory Board provides TargetSolutions with valuable insight into market trends. The board discusses best practices for training management and requirements, and provides TargetSolutions with new product and service ideas that help improve the platform.

Public Safety Training Courses & Management System

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